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Haircut Fetish

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Sometimes I’m just too bored.  And then I’m too lazy to do anything about it.  So I will troll chat rooms and read profiles.  The rooms that really catch my fancy are the ones set up by someone advertising/looking for a specific "other" who will play their kink game with them.  They build the room, then park themselves, waiting to see if anybody bites. So early this a.m. I found the room Haircut4SoCalFem where "ClipDom" had set up shop.  I just had to check out his profile:

Name  Ask.

Location  So Cal/Los Angeles

Gender  Male

Marital Status  Very Divorced

Hobbies & Interests  D/s with some twists. I particularly love women with ultra short boyish haircuts.

Favorite Gadgets  Part of my scene is haircutting, but there is much more.  I love buzzing women’s hair with hairclippers

Occupation  Looking for RT Sub women or women who prefer short hair in the So Cal Area.  Not into Cyber at all don’t even ask.. sorry

Personal Quote  Feel free to IM me. I’m often away from my computer so be patient. I usually don’t bother with people who don’t have profiles.  "That which does not kill you…might leave you with brain damage."

I do hope Mr. ClipDom finds that special girl, although one can imagine why he is "very divorced."  I certainly wouldn’t want a husband chasing me around the house with his erection in one hand and hair clippers in the other! 

Actually, I empathize with Mr. ClipDom.  I mean that has seriously got to be a fetish that causes a guy problems.  We women love our hair.  I just spent 200 plus at the hair salon today (and if I do say so myself, I look mahvelous). 

Of course if you’re cutting corners and are in need of a haircut, Mr. ClipDom just might be the guy for you.  But what happens once he buzzes your tresses?  Do you wait around for a year for them to grow to some reasonable length so he can do it all over again? 

Hmmm …

xo, Angela