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FemDom Intervention

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Are you in the need for some FemDom Intervention?  I think it's a pretty safe bet that a hearty portion of my readers are thinking, you bet my sweet ass I am.  The rest of you are thinking, well, it sounds kind of hard core.  But it is tantalizing.  I just don't want to have to call you mistress or goddess.  I don't want you to make fun of my penis, or call me names like dickwad or fucktard or loser.  And please don't hurt me or castrate me or pee on me.

To the tantalized but nervous:  Come on in, the water is fine.  And I do mean good old plain H2O.  FemDom phone sex is not always about pain or humiliation or degradation (although these are certainly facets which turn on a certain cherished and kinky cartel of mine).  FemDom phone sex can actually be, in the hands of a creative and intuitive woman, your every dream of uninhibited sexual interaction realized in spades.  And this is especially true for the meek or mild-mannered shy types.  

How can I say this and what do I mean, exactly?  After all, I do advertise the FemDom angle as  one of my specialties.  And there are obviously as many definitions for as there seekers and providers.  I guess all I can really tell you is what I do from my end of the playing field.

First and foremost, the underlying methodology to all that I do via the kink-O-phone is that we begin in the realm of fantasy.  Think of it as a "suspension of disbelief" for the period of the call.  I am quite frank about the fact that I am not walking around in leather everyday.  Nor am I consistently dressing up boys in pink panties, attaching weights to balls, castrating the inadequate, manipulating the weak-willed, forcing straight men to go queer, giving fem-dom hand-jobs to the lonely-hearted, strap-on training casual dates, or anything else a wicked little libido can conjure.

When I am on the phone, it is not about me and my everyday life.  It is not about you and your everyday life.  It is playtime, baby:  a salacious vacation or corrupt interruption or lascivious intermission.  After which, once your kink-bone has been twittered, you can get back to the business of living your hopefully happy and functional life.

I kinda-sorta ride the fence with this "woman in control" stuff.  Since we're in fantasy land, how much do I tell a caller about me?  Where do I draw the line? 

Because I do rather like being being behind the wheel in boy-girl games in my real life.  It's just in real life the game is one of sublime subtlety rather than the grab-you-by-the-balls immediacy so necessary to fantasy phone.  Talk is cheap and it seems to me that a true Goddess wouldn't need to brag about her prowess; she already knows it and smart men (the only men worth seducing) will know it too.  Which means that I don't advertise my life, I advertise my talents.  TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS.  But, if you get to know me well enough, you just might get to hear some inside dope.   

The other thing is that I happen to be quite good at fantasy.  I LIKE intricate role plays in which I am given a free hand so that I can work my magic, developing a story line around a caller's particular kink.  For example, I am very good at creating shemale fantasies.  (I could actually create an entirely new persona as a TS, so that I would more frequently get those types of calls.  And, honestly, I've thought about it–although I haven't done so yet.)

I also love age-play fantasies:  Either an older woman teaching a teenager to do foul, filthy acts for my enjoyment or a young fem fatal causing an older man to cross boundaries he should not cross.

Objectification fantasies are very difficult for most women (at least that is what I hear from my callers), and I happen to excel at them. Both mentally and creatively, they stimulate me.  In fact, this coming year I will be launching a new website, Household Utensils, which will cater to this fetish.  Hope to see you there.  *wink*

The point being made here is that I don't want to be boxed into one specific category.  I do things my way, not according to a silly virtual rule book, which some callers and PSOs seem to think is gospel.  Regardless of a caller's fantasy, I am running the show.  In some ways, I am the show.  While I won't hesitate to belittle and torture you, if that is where you want to go, I certainly don't approach every call from that standpoint.  

I "intervene" in such a way that I learn what is needed, and then take it from there.  I lead you along your own personal path of sexual nirvana.  Which, by the way, usually involves taking you just a smidgen beyond where you thought you might want to go.  To put it another way, as we are talking I am mapping out your buttons, finding every last one.  Then I tickle and caress those buttons, seducing you to shrug off that suit jacket, loosen that tie, unbutton that shirt.

Before you know it, you find yourself naked and vulnerable.  But also safe.  And that is when the real intervention begins.  Because once I have your buttons under my control, I have you under my control.   Which means you are screwed.  But in a very good way.

Third person stories and fantasies are a wonderful way to take control in a very quiet way.  I'm just the storyteller, after all.  It's not me, but the women in my stories, who cause you to do things that will later make you blush to think of them.  Welcome to Never Never Land.  You didn't think you could or should.  But I always knew different.  I knew that you could and should.  .

And in Never Never Land, with this FemDom Goddess, you did. 

xo, Angela

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