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Ron Jeremy

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Ron Jeremy:  Catholic Pervert or Porn Star Super Hero?


I don’t think there is anybody on the face of this planet who is immune to the rascally charm of Ron Jeremy.  He has that Christopher Walken thing going on, wherein no matter what type of bad-boy persona he is momentarily inhabiting, the twinkle in his eye tells you it’s all in good fun and you’re welcome to join in.

It makes you just want to hug him up and shower him with presents.  Here, Ron, I made you this nice cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on the top.  How about a full body massage, Ron?  Take all my jewelry; don’t forget the diamond earrings.  Take it, Ron, take it all:  Exclusive access to my  virgin anus, frankinscense and myrrh, my someday first born child.  Even the Internet is more-or-less Ron Jeremy’s bitch.  His ability to have fun with, and even cash in on, his public persona in such a friendly, gleeful way has a lot of us going ga-ga over him.  

I get such a kick out of finding him here and there and everywhere, always seeming to have the time of his life.  I’ve never actually seen a bona fide Ron Jeremy PORN flick.  His reign as the Porn Prince with the Perpetually Erect Prick was a bit before my time.   But I have seen the documentary,  Porn Star:  The Legend of Ron Jeremy, which I highly recommend, because you owe it to yourself to see the humanity behind the legend.  

Because the truth of Mr. Jeremy’s life is that, even with his Porn Star legendary status, he just isn’t that much different than you or me; he really is the quintessential everyman.  Like most of us (and I so identify with this), he had a general plan for his life which he expected to fulfill.  But life had something a bit different in mind.  And that is how life is, isn’t it?  We think we’re headed over there, but end up over here.  You can spend the rest of your days whining, screaming, pouting, complaining and blaming.  Or you can get comfortable where you are, throw a big party and invite the world.  Cocktails at seven.  Hors doevres at eight.  Black tie, or even pants, optional.

So put on your party hat and let’s have some fun with Ron:

See what I mean?  How can you not like this guy?  If you don’t, there has got to be something seriously wrong with you.  Me? I am obviously and deliriously smitten.  Deal with it.

Now, fess up:  How many of you out there have seen a Ron Jeremy film or two?  Come one, don’t be shy.  I want to know all the naughty details.  Can he really kiss  his "schmeckle" and is it really that big?  Do you have a collection of his DVDs?   And if not, why not?  I’m thinking I need to get a collection started.  I mean shouldn’t every red-blooded, dirty-girl blogger do the right thing for the Man with the Golden Shlong?

xo, Angela