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Kinky Java: Not Mama’s Starbucks

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I’m Told I Make Good Coffee
by Jeremy Edwards

"You make the best coffee, Lawrence," Claudine said with an emphatic resonance of sincerity in her voice. I knew she was no stranger to the many java boutiques in the neighborhood, so I was especially appreciative of this compliment.

"But speaking of drinking coffee . . . ." Her cute little bottom hopped off the wooden stool behind the counter, and she shuttled briskly toward the bathroom. I walked around to take her place at the cash register, prepared for the unlikely event of a customer visiting the little record store at the hour of 11:20 a.m.

"Uh-oh," said Claudine from the end of the short hall that led to the bathroom. "The door is stuck again." I bounced over to help her, having myself mastered the "trick" to getting the door to unjam.

As I approached, I noticed that Claudine’s ass was jiggling a bit. I remembered how once, in idle conversation about our sexual proclivities, she had mentioned to me that she enjoyed the erotic sensations of "holding it" a while before peeing. I hadn’t given it much thought at the time; but now my breath went short as I speculated that she was relishing the present moment. I noticed how the tight, pinstriped fabric of her handsome retro slacks danced seductively with her movements.

"Thanks. I have to pee!" she giggled as I reached for the doorknob. Something about the manner in which she stated the obvious seemed to confirm my guess that she was enjoying herself.

From my position behind her, I pushed my weight forward while turning the knob. As the door suddenly gave, I lost my balance slightly, and I unintentionally pressed against her.

"Sorry!" I reddened.

Claudine turned and gave me the warmest of knowing smiles. "Lawrence–are you a little hard?" More than a little, I thought. She was dancing in place now, openly holding her crotch, but she was
grinning happily and showed no signs of moving along.

"I guess so." I returned her smile.

"Oh, you sexy boy. This is the kind of thing that can make a grown girl wet her pants," she laughed, with a suggestion in her voice that though it might be a bit of an inconvenience to wet her pants here and now, the scenario otherwise held an attraction for her. And where she was allowing herself to hover on the brink of wetting her pants, I was now on the verge of pollinating my jeans.

She darted into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. I began to turn away as she peeled her slacks and panties and backed onto the commode . . . but suddenly she called "It’s okay–you don’t have to leave."

The next thing I heard was an angelic sigh of release. As the hiss and roar of her pissing began, I stumbled in without further hesitation, secure in the knowledge that the bell above the front door of the shop would give me plenty of time to return to the counter to serve any hypothetical forenoon customers. Hypothetical and improbable, I noted cheerfully.


From our sweet Zen Friend, Jerotic, who also recently (and I am late with this … you’ll have some catching up to do) sent the following:


Please join me at my blog next Tuesday, January 27, when I welcome brilliant writer Nikki Magennis, author of the mindblowing eroto-rockin’ adventure The New Rakes! Nikki will be telling us about her passionate relationship with rock ‘n’ roll and indulging us with exquisite excerpts … and it’s rumored there will even be an X-rated paper-doll floor show!


Taken together (now there’s a thought!), the delectably delicious Donna George Storey and the mouthwateringly molten Monroe, Kirsten constitute what I would call a "sex + food supergroup." And just look what they’ve cooked up! It’s a virtual progressive dinner, which will spread out across the blogosphere tablecloth starting this Sunday, January 25, with sauces and sensations spilling over from one venue to another through Wednesday, February 4. Your appetite(s) are guaranteed to be satisfied!

Here’s Donna’s official invitation, with all the details and the schedule:

Join Us for a Sensual and Provocative Progressive Dinner ala Blog

Come join us for a sensual feast to celebrate the new year of hope, promise, and delicious pleasures of every flavor. Each day a new erotica-writing blogger will be your host for one sumptuous course, providing recipes, entertainment and scintillating discussion topics. Best of all, dinners ala blog are known to expand your mind, but not your waistline. The festivities begin on Sunday, January 25. Come to one, come to all—you deserve a little indulgence!

Sunday January 25—Amuse-bouche
Craig Sorensen
Monday January 26—Appetizer
 Shanna Germain

Wednesday January 28—Soup
Helia Brookes and Jeremy Edwards

Thursday January 29—Fish
Neve Black

Friday January 30—Meat Entrée
Kirsten Monroe

Saturday, January 31—Vegetarian Entrée
Donna George Storey

Monday, February 2—Salad

Tuesday, February 3—Dessert
Sommer Marsden

Wednesday, February 4—Petit Fours and Truffles
Nikki Magennis

 I’m really looking forward to this 10-day stretch of sensuous socializing, and I hope you’ll all be part of the parties!

from socks to fedora,


Phone Sex Quote of the Day

 Via HDB, who stops by here at Zen and even calls me quite often: 

There are times when you just want to get done what you want to get done.  And for those times, Phone Sex just can’t be beat … no pun intended.