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Help for Little Willies

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


On Your Knees, Bitch Boy

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Okay, I know for many of you, this just isn’t your particular Cup of Kink.  Then again, there are those of you who would think you’d died and gone to heaven if you found yourself alone with this leather-clad stud-bull in a room, a dungeon or even the bathroom of a low-brow bar on the wrong side of the tracks.  You’d just feel so dirty, wouldn’t you?

I found this pic over at BDM Romance where Richard, Zen’s own Submissive Savant, and  who’s kinda-sorta on the prowl, is sounding kind of frustrated.  I guess I should have warned him about Stupid Penis Sydrome.

And speaking of Richard, you really should read his Sissified Orgasm Denial Cuckolded Small Penis Humiliation Chastity meme, which includes what I do believe is a first, Autoerotic Penis Humiliation:  My penis is smaller than you’re penis!  It’s frickin’ hilarious.


Phone Sex Quote of the Day:

(from Mr. M. — a very special guy who while enjoying a healthy round of FemDom PhoneSex, most certainly doesn’t like Erotic Humilation and Financial Domination)

If I wanted someone to call me a loser, take all my money and treat me like shit, I would still be married. 

xo, Angela

Under the Influence

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


So, as usual,  you’ve been finding me in the most unusual ways.  Which I don’t mind and to which I hardly ever even pay any real attention, even though — as most website owners/bloggers do — I have the ability to check a variety of stats, including the Key Words readers are popping into Google to find their way from there to here.    Occasionally, though, I do take a peek just to see what’s cooking.  I have to say, sometimes what I see is a real head-scratcher. 

And once you take a gander at  Zen’s recent Key Words, you”ll probably be scratching too.  I mean what exactly is urban porno and how would it differ from, say, pastoral or suburban porno?  Who is looking for what — when he types mistress v penis into  his search engine?  Maybe he’s missing Mistress V as much as I am and getting all teary-eyed over the good old (Small Penis Prevention) days?

And then there’s those certain phrases that make me ask:  What was he thinking, drinking, snorting and/or injecting?  Look at the  red text.  See it?  This guy is definitely under the influence of something — but I’m thinking it’s most likely the influence of his naughty penis, which would also be known as STIFF PRICK SUPiDITY SYNDROME, wherein the gray matter turns gelatinous and reality takes a flying leap.  For the record, I will NOT do Phone Fantasies re. to Obama.  It’s just too silly.

Copied and pasted directly from my stats:

pussycunt (since when was this one word?)
phone sex
femdom wedding
penis punish
female dominant phone sex
game small penis humiliation
phone sex quote
cuckold respect wife\’s boyfriend (a great concept — in theory)
phone sex
face slapping bdsm
haircut fetish chat (I got spanked on this one)
face slapping bdsm
zen fetish blog (were you looking for moi’?)
teenage cuckold
obama big ears big cock (???)
phone sex quote
angela st. lawrence
small penis humiliation
femdom phonesex
mistress v penis (I miss my friend!)
urban porno
phone sex
cuck submissive
pantiesformen (uses spaces in search engines!)
free face slapped sex
small penis humiliation (more of that?)
girl sneaker porn
sexual face slapping
femdomme phone sex
penis punishment
tease denial
cougars milfs
angela st. lawrence
have best phone sex
aged milfs
what cuckold
fuckme red lipstick
"small penis" sister (uh, what?)
leopard beastiality  (dangerous!)
blackmailed erotic (about which I said)
learning the fetish blackmail
erotic blackmail
small penis humiliation
"haircut fetish"
parochial school erotic stories
small penis humiliation
cock sucking fags
forced cuckolds "Cuckold Stories"
milfs and cougars
faceslapping mistress
face slap mistress
getting fucked while busy
zen fetiche (ooh, so fancy)
sexy slapping
phone sex small penis
sissies getting a butt plug
phone sex small penis humiliation
erotic humiliation stories cotton panties
milf pedia (could someone clue me in on this one?)
Slap submissive
sneaker girl fetish
small penis phone sex (ah, yeah, i’m getting a bad rep)


So what do you think?  Am I a bad girl?  Or a good girl who just happens to know how to be bad at the right time?  And isn’t it interesting all the face slapping and humiliation seekers who find their way here?  What must you think of me?  But there is a healthy sampling of other stuff (milf, tease & denial, phone sex quote, etc.).  One could make the argument (and I am) that the list reflects my creativity and flexibility — my eclectic, sexy genius.  *wink*

xo, Angela

Serious Small Penis Humiliation

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

You Might Have a Small Penis

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

(For my Small Penis Humilation Junkies, adapted from the PIC blog.)

You Might Have a Small Penis if …

  • you sort through hundreds of emails in your spam folder every week, vigilantly marking every penis enlargement ad as "Not Spam."
  • women refer to your happy trail as the "trail of tears."
  • you’ve never been able to figure out why there’s a slit in your boxers.
  • a man at a bar has ever seen you, talked with you, felt your crotch, and STILL mistaken you for a woman.
  • girls affectionately refer to giving you a handjob as "pushing your button."
  • you think deep-throating is just a musical skill practiced by bass vocalists.
  • you’ve ever tried to cave your penis in on itself, and succeeded long enough to have inverse cock sex with a man.
  • it’s been mistaken for your belly button.
  • you refuse to watch porn because it’s "totally unrealistic."
  • you refer to the part of your penis below the head as the "neck."
  • you have to "look around" before you pull it out at the urinals.
  • you tell a girl to get ready for your manhood, and she giggles.
  • you tell yourself its perfectly normal to shower in your boxers in the locker room.
  • you put a condom on, and it slips off.
  • you hold your condom in place with rubber bands
  • you refer to masturbating as "pumping your sawed-off.
  • your foreskin hangs two inches past the tip…and you’re circumcised.
  • you encountered a genie and made the mistake of asking for a little head.
  • you own two sets of tweezers because one is designated solely for "unmentionables.
  • you’ve ever gotten a girl to agree to nasal sex because "well, it won’t hurt to try."
  • your girlfriend whistles It’s a Small World After All during sex.
  • your penis says YOU’RE small, but you know he’s just bitter.
  • you get blowjobs from amoebas.
  • your girlfriend brings a shrimp fork to bed.
  • you need to shave your pubes in order to urinate.
  • your girlfriend’s clit is larger than your penis.
  • your nickname has always been Little Willie 

(And if this just wasn’t any fun, well — go look at lots and lots of dirty pictures.)