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Hot & Sexy Nylon Tease

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I do, after all,  have a kinda-sorta fetish for all things pink  … 

Gloss of the Past

by David Trinidad

Pink Dawn, Aurora Pink, Misty Pink, Fresh Pink, Natural Pink, Country

Pink, Dusty Pink, Pussywillow Pink, Pink Heather, Pink Peony, Sunflower

Pink, Plum Pink, Peach of a Pink, Raspberry Pink, Watermelon Pink, Pink

Lemonade, Bikini Pink, Buoy Buoy Pink, Sea Shell Pink, Pebble Pink, Pink

Piper, Acapulco Pink, Tahiti Beach Pink, Sunny Pink, Hot Pink, Sizzling Pink,

Skinnydip Pink, Flesh Pink, Transparent Pink, Breezy Pink, Sheer Shiver

Pink, Polar Bare Pink, Pink Frost, Frosty Pink, Frost Me Pink, Frosted Pink,

Sugarpuff Pink, Ice Cream Pink, Lickety Pink, Pink Melba, Pink Whip,

Pinkermint, Sweet Young Pink, Little Girl Pink, Fragile Pink, Fainting Pink,

Helpless Pink, Tiny Timid Pink, Wink of Pink, Shadow of Pink, Tint of Pink,

Shimmer of Pink, Flicker of Pink, Pink Flash, E.S. Pink, Person-to-Person

Pink, City Pink, Penny Lane Pink, Pink Paisley, London Luv Pink, Pretty Pink,

Pastel Pink, Pinking Sheer, Pink Piqué, Pink Silk, Plush Pink, Lush Iced Pink,

Brandied Pink, Sheer Pink Champagne, Candlelight Pink, Fluffy Moth Pink,

Softsilver Pink, Pinkyring, Turn Pale Pink, A Little Pink, Pinker, Pinkety Pink,

Heart of Pink, Hug that Pink, Passionate Pink, Snuggle Pink, Pink-Glo!,

Happy-Go-Pink, Daredevil Pink, By Jupiter Pink, Stark Raving Pink, Viva La


 …Want more?  Mr. Trinidad at Amazon, and  Wikipedia.


Of course, Pink is F**kin’ Perfect.


Always & Forever:  Pinky the Dolphin

Free Panties w/ Pink Nation purchase at Victoria’s Secret

Rock out with Pink as in Floyd


Shop ’till U drop Pink-apalooza


Pinkalicious  Phone Sex


The Pink

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I’m a Dirty Girl who loves to play with you. Hi boys, my name is Cassie.  I love playing on the phone and talking about all kinds of hot sex. Call now!

Color Me Pinkie

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I’m in a real 24/7 BDSM relationship and my Master, Blackie, says that I must service you as you wish.  I am ordered to be used as you wish — you are now my Master.

In the Pink

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Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a 22 year old coed.  I am a petite redhead and have nice tits with large nipples.  I have ALWAYS been a cock tease.


Hope you enjoyed this.  Now get pinky-kinky & grab your pinky-dinky give the girls (or me) a call.  

xo, Angela

Cock-Sucking Love Bugs?

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Hey!  I didn’t say it.  The fellow who typed it into Google’s search engine said it (see red text below).  But I sure do wonder what he was specifically trying to hunt down.  I dunno.  Is there such a thing as a love bug in the animal kingdom?  Was he looking for a hot and steamy twist on bestiality?  Something like an arthropodous idee fixe?  A fetish for romantic vermin that will crawl all over his cock and suck it at the same time? 

I haven’t a clue and, quite honestly, I’m not sure I even want to know.

Anyway, as I’ve noted before, I do occasionally gather the initiative to take a look at my website stats.  Most of the time, I could care less.  I’m a poet at heart — the frippery of data bores me to absolutely no end.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve neither the time nor inclination to extricate, investigate, evaluate or differentiate. 

I just don’t see a need to over-complicate this.  After all, everything is working just fine the way it is:  You find me, I find you, it’s love-at-first-site and we live happily ever after. That is, at least until I kick you to the curb.  So …  why mess with a good thing?


As a RESPONSIBLE business woman I should be paying attention.  So once in a blue moon, I take a gander.  Which I did.  And now I’m done looking for another few months.  Or two.  Or three.  Maybe four or five.  What am I going to do with this info?  Absolutely nothing.  Except let you take a peek, too:

  • fetish girl with sneakers
  • phone sex
  • teased and taunted milf
  • watch fetish
  • Mistress Angela faceslapping
  • phone sex quotes (a blog piece about this soon)
  • small penis humiliation thumbs (think he was looking for pics)
  • bdsm slap face
  • eating her cunt and asshole
  • phone sex goddess
  • eats my cunt (good idea, huh girls?)
  • teasing mistress
  • wife getting fucked (so many men love this)
  • phone femdom
  • femdom
  • zen fetish (you lookin’ at me?)
  • woman´s fetish with small penis (i don’t think so)
  • fetish sweat in my clothes
  • snatch
  • cuckold phone sex (again with the cuckold thing)
  • goddess, mistress phone
  • mistress humiliates
  • getting fucked while people watch
  • cock leash  (can i hear an amen?)
  • femdom wedding
  • humiliation "small penis" story
  • cuckold story
  • haircut fetish xxx
  • zen fetish (come to angie, baby)
  • phone sex
  • cock sucking love bugs
  • types of cuckold
  • phonesex
  • tease denial (u know i love it)
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  • real cuck
  • erotic hair cut fetish
  • cum on my pussy (don’t even try it)
  • on your knees boy femdom
  • cuckold type relationship
  • zen fetish (he knew exactly what he wanted)
  • sneaker porn
  • tease denial
  • zen fetish (a stalker perhaps?)
  • ass kissing cuckold
  • "small penis humiliation"
  • oh cum all ye faithful

Shocked?  Intrigued?  Disgusted?  All I did was copy and paste.  YOU found ME here.  I was just blogging away, minding my own business.  What a naughty bunch of bad, bad boys you are.  Now you’re here and just what am I supposed to do with you?  Maybe I should force you to pick something from your own list?  Or maybe I should have fudged the list and added things I’d decidedly like you to do.  Let me think about that and get back to you. 

And for the record, I’m not into bestiality.  Particularly of the sort involving creepy-crawly arachnids of an sort.   So disgusting. I mean I’m the girl who screams when I see an ants.

Then again, if your into be squashed like a bug …. call me!  *wink*

xo, Angela

Panties, Stockings, Heels

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Erotic by Matthew Cooke

It’s all right there!  Is this just not one of the sexiest photos you’ve ever seen?  Proving once again that less is, indeed, so much more.

I found this via Lady Julia of The Entranced Realm, where she says: 

"To me, being a Domme means being able to very gently, very persuasively stroke his mind, stirring his wants and needs to such a frenzy that he is begging to give me exactly what I want and leaving him surprised to find that what I want is what he wants also."

I like the way she thinks, don’t you?

She has a nice little sampling of FREE erotic hypnosis MP3s, also.  So be sure to check her out.

xo, Angela

PS.  If anybody can find information on the photographer, please let me know.  I am seriously interested in featuring his work at Literate Smut.

My Bad Reputation

Friday, July 13th, 2007

So over at my erotica blog, Blistered Lips, I’ve been kinda-sorta tracking–I tend to be lazy about this stuff–my search engine traffic to see what search terms are bringing surfers to the site. I could almost blush! Or maybe I should voluntarily submit to wearing a scarlet letter. Or should I be washing my mouth out with soap? Enlightening, to say the least. Maybe I should get serious about the "professional" end of this once and for all. On second thought…nah! Some of the wordage is downright filthy, some is quite humorous, some accurately reflects my fantasy interests and some of it–I haven’t a clue as to why someone would be looking up such stuff. So, with at least some semblance of economy in mind, here is a partial list:

  • cock leash (a current passion)
  • tease and denial
  • gloved masturbation (great humiliation technique)
  • spankings for touching cock (story)
  • cuckold castration
  • tease denial
  • sucking cock (story)
  • Tease and denial
  • cock leash
  • strap-on cuckold
  • "tease & denial" +clit
  • mistress ass clit cum yes ma’am
  • tease and denial
  • sissy, panties
  • domination xxx beginning learning (he needs to check out Richard)
  • "STRAP ON" knees beg suck
  • tease and denial
  • show pussy lips
  • spanking, bad boy
  • panty jerking (story)
  • tease princess humiliation (story)
  • "you wouldn’t dare" mom spanking
  • kerrie marie
  • cuckold mistress
  • suck my beautiful cunt lips (sounds like fun)
  • pig cumming (say what?)
  • tease and denial
  • castration (story)
  • teased begging to cum denied denial (story)
  • spanked mother bedroom strap
  • cuckold tease and denial
  • cock leash
  • hand job (story)
  • tease and denial
  • blistered lips
  • swollen pussy lips
  • flash tease denial (story)
  • denied sex cum sissy
  • sister prick tease
  • castration issue femdom
  • types of pussy lips (doesn’t he know?)
  • panties tease denial
  • strap-on domination ( calling Mistress V)
  • tease denial
  • bowl-of-cum blonde (poor girl)
  • tied up and teased
  • tease and denial cuckold
  • I play with my clit as she canes me
  • she made me promise to eat cum if cuckolded
  • wife tease and denial
  • tease and denial (Are we seeing a pattern here?)
  • "spunk-soaked" orgasms (sounds messy)
  • table tease denial
  • "she spanks hard" (article)
  • stiletto in the cunt (ouch)
  • tease denial
  • tease and denial phoenix (what about Dallas? or Denver?)
  • cockleash femdom
  • "cock pig" cum balls school (there’s a school for that?)
  • hand job with ball spreader
  • tease and denial
  • femdom "cum training"
  • dangling pussy lips (eeeewe!)
  • crawl here eat my cunt bitch
  • cuckold panties
  • blistered lips (could it be?)
  • wife tease denial
  • "chastity device" dysfunction
  • femdom manservant (I could use one of these.)
  • squirt on the floor come cock strapon
  • first time cuckolding
  • Sounds in his cock (ouch-but fun)

As you see, I threw in a few comments and links. Be my guest. And BTW (by the way) — I’m working this weekend. Ring me up if you wanna see if I can live up to my bad reputation.

xo, Angela