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M. I. A. (but not so much)

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Yes, me loves & beauties & most-appreciated perverts, I took a little break.  What can I say? How do I defend myself against the surly comments, accusatory emails and self-righteous pouts?  How dare I?  Why would I? Enuff’s ennuf, already!  O Dear Beloved Mistress of mine, with much respect: Get your ass back to this blog — front and center, goddamnit, right where you fucking belong!

Let me be the first to say that there’s absolutley no defense for my abhorrent and rather lengthy neglect of this blog.  On the other hand, there’s also no remorse on my part.   I needed a  break.  I’d go so far as to say this breather, this intermission, this time out, was even very well earned.  Lengthy explanations would be tedious both for you and myself.  Let’s just say that if you know me well … you know why.

So what did I do?  Just where in the hell was I?  Okay, darlings.  Just remember you asked for it.

First of all, I wasn’t really G O N E entirely (at least some of the time) while I wasn’t posting to Zen Fetish.  I was taking calls (which is, after all, my main gig) — even for some seemingly interminable blocks of times here and there, now and again.  You just had to catch me at the right time.  And many of you did.  Just LOOK RIGHT HERE if you simply must have some verifiable, hard evidence.  Although,  by now you should trust enough to know that I only lie to you when I’m talking dirty. *wink*  The point being, silly boy, that if you really wanted to find me, you surely could have.

Anyway ….

I didn’t plan for a FemDom sabbatical.  Wasn’t penciled in on my calendar anywhere.  It just kinda-sorta happened.  And it kinda-sorta felt right.  And — as you surely know by now — I’m pretty much a girl who goes by the seat of her panties,

It all started when Bethany came to visit.  We had a lovely week, lots of girly-sibling time, lots of family time, lots of hugs and laughs and lots of tourist-y adventures.  But a week — when it’s only once or twice a year for sisters — is hardly ever enough dontcha know?  And so, after much pleading and begging and sweet-talking on Bethany’s part, I caved.  I threw doubt and caution into the wind and, before you know it, I was off on a two week adventure — a week in Cincinnati with my sister,  and then another week of traipsing around my home turf.  Bethany accompanied me back home too, so you might say we were a very bad influence on each other.  We were irresponsible adults having the time of our lives.  You should try it sometime because it was FUCKING AWESOME!

I won’t bore you with the details of shopping trips, dinners, spas, etc. etc.  I won’t tell you about the two encounters I had with two very ex-boyfriends who were wishing they weren’t so "ex" and probably thinking, if I’d only behaved better!  I won’t even entertain you with JewBoy’s petulant sputtering and impotent tantrum (when will he ever learn?) upon my return.  How dare I not tell this some-time companion who fancies himself my beau that I was going to be away? Huh? What? Me thinks JewBoy could use a savvy lesson or two from a few of my more obsequious callers in the practice of proper servility and appropriate expectation.

But I will tell you four things I learned while gone:

  1. Thomas Wolfe was wrong; you CAN go home again.  You just can’t stay that long.
  2.  When you suspect  that the woman effervescently showing off her Thomas Kinkaid collection just might be a few clowns short of a circus?  You’re absolutely correct.
  3. Regardless of where you are, Chinese delivery always comes in a brown, paper bag with a menu stapled to it.  I’m serious.  Think about it.
  4. A girl can purchase twice as many pairs of shoes when spending her money in close vicinity to an eroded Paleozoic land mass.

So, yeah, I  know.  That three weeks of R & R does not quite account for my protracted spate of none-blogging.   What was it?  Two months?  Maybe more, give or take a few days or a week? *sheepish grin*  But, as I’ve noted above, I WAS around.  I just wasn’t blogging.  So sue me, spank me, tell me I’m a heartless bitch.  But you know you still love me.  Go ahead, admit it. *batting eyelashes*

Truthfully and all kidding aside, I just needed a break.  I needed breathing room.  I needed to unplug and smell the roses. I wanted to read, watch a few documentaries, visit with my mother, connect with some friends.  I wanted and needed some technology-free moments.  I barely tweeted (check it out for yourself) and right now I’m sitting on over 1,500 unopened emails.

Don’t be mad at me, because, honestly, the business of FemDom PhoneSex is a taxing one.  If you are doing it righteously and honestly, it is demanding and draining.  And I’ve been doing it for a while now.  Only FemDom’s bleed, dontcha know?  But the good news, the great news, the wonderful news is that:  what’s good for me will definitely be good for you.

I’m back. I’m plugged in. 

And I’ve missed you.  Really

xo, Angela