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Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Many times I am asked by some of my very special guys to "please, oh, please" set up cam so that we can cam together.  Quite frankly, I hate cam.  So much so that one of my regular clients always starts his call by teasing me with, "Oh, Mistress, is this your cam line?"  To which we share a good laugh and then get on to the business of being dirty.  There are a variety of reasons for my "cam aversion," including family members who have high -profile jobs and count on my discretion. 

Of course it could also be that  A) I’m actually 97 years old, but blessed with a youthful voice.  B) I am severely deformed, with three ears on the left side of my head. C) I weigh 573 lbs, devouring a bucket of fried chicken during each call. D) I have only three teeth.  NOT in the front of my mouth.  E) My breasts hang so low that in the winter I use them as ear muffs.  F)  All of the above..

As I said, my reasons are varied, but let me tell you a true story about my one and only experience with cam.  And boy was it an eye-opener for me.

So when I first showed up on the web wanting to quit my day job and get back into the phone sex biz, I took a job with a small company that  — ascribing to the "more is better" business philosophy — featured both cam and phone sex girls.  Their website was rather rudimentary at best, but I was new to all this Internet stuff and hardly noticed.  Now I happen to be very much a company person when I’m working for the man; always have been.  I did what was asked of me and did it well.  I brought aboard a bunch of guys who’d been my regulars from my college days and were high-end clientele.  The minimum call I was used to was thirty minutes and the average time these people were used to seeing was ten minutes.  Not only did my callers often times talk one to four hours, they called back often.

I was the company’s fair haired child, no doubt about it.  BUT!  I only did phone, which frustrated the owners, when they knew they could skim more if I did cam.  Why?  Because the calls were 2.50 a minute, while cam was 3.99 a minute.  With dollar signs in their eyes, they began wooing me.  They knew what I looked like from the driver’s license I’d submitted with my resume and kept telling me how rich I would become if I would set up a cam line at their site.   Quite honestly, the prospect of making more money did have me thinking.  I should have known better, because I’d already become disenchanted with the types of callers their "pussy, pussy and more pussy" type of marketing attracted.  But I was new to all of this and still earning my wings, so to speak.  

One the girls featured on the Phone Sex division of the site found herself in a jam, and I was called in to pinch hit.  Literally.   Apparently Tiffany was actually two people for our callers.  She was the "content" girl I knew her as — a fiery, small-framed redhead — and she was also the voluptuous, curvy, BBW cam blonde, Maggie Mae.  That’s how smart I was at the time:  I hadn’t a clue! 

It happened that Tiffany had a regular caller, Anthony, who — as men are apt to do more often than not — slutted around with other girls from the site.  Well, he happened upon Maggy Mae and was absolutely smitten.  He kept insisting he wanted to cam with her, and she kept putting him off.  Apparently, the phone conversations between Anthony and her content persona occurred often enough that she was terrified he’d recognize her voice.  But he continued to insist; and because he spent a whole lot of money with the company, the owners decided they had to fulfill his wish.

Which is where I came into the picture.  The owners proposed that we set up a three way call — Maggy Mae, me and Anthony — with Anthony, of course,  totally unaware of what were doing.  Maggie Mae would mute at her end and I would become her voice, watching her cam show so that I could talk realistically about what was occurring.   We would both be able to hear Anthony, while he watched her and heard me.  This would work just fine, they explained, because Yahoo cam is a few seconds behind what is actually happening, and it would be easy for Maggie Mae to move her mouth to match what I was saying.

While I was more than reluctant to participate, both Maggie Mae and the owners, appreciating my hesitancy, assured me that Anthony never lasted more than fifteen minutes, anyway.  So why not?  Why not sin once for the Gipper? Like I said, I’m a company kind of girl and all.   Plus, by "camming by proxy" I figured I’d get an inside look at how this cam thing worked.  Just in case I decided to take the plunge.  And so it began.

Unfortunately, Anthony was "in a mood" or extra horny or something, because the call actually ended up lasting well over an hour.  He also happened to like a lot of grunting and groaning and screaming.  That hour plus was probably the most tedious time I’ve ever spent with a client.  As I moaned and groaned and yelled and faked orgasm after orgasm, and Maggie Mae energetically lip-synced along, dear little Anthony enthusiastically gave direction:  "Fuck yourself with that dildo."  and "Spread your legs so I can see your pussy." and "Shove that red dildo up your ass." 

By the time the call finally ended, my throat was hoarse and I’d developed a migraine, Maggie Mae’s ass and pussy were stretched and extremely sore (she didn’t do cam again until the following week), and on top of it all, Maggie Mae was angry with me and even a little jealous that her boy had lasted so long with me on the phone.  Which was just silliness, because Anthony hadn’t a clue as to how he’d been bamboozled.  He signed off with stars in his eyes and a smile on his face.

The experience solidified for me all that I personally don’t like about cam and why I’d be absolutely terrible at it.  I like fantasy.  I like kinky, perverse mind fucks.  I want to create scenarios that — at least most of the time — should never, ever see the light of reality.  And I like the romantic mystery and intrigue created by two voices touching each other intimately with just our whispered, secret desires.  So I made the decision to stay away from cam and stick to what I knew best.

Not long after that, I decided to take things in my own hands and left that company to start my own business.  Goodbye to Anthony and ten-minute-wankers forever.  At least for the most part. 

And I lived happily ever after.

xo, Angela

PS.  If you’re the kinda guy who digs cam girls, stay tuned for a blog entry soon, in which I will introduce you to some very hot cam girls.  If I can’t scratch that itch for you, might as well find you somebody who can!