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Angela St. Lawrence is the reigning queen of high-end, long distance training and Femme Domme phone sex, providing esoteric depravity for the aficionado, specializing in Erotic Fetish, Female Domination, Cock Control, Kinky Taboo and Sensual Debauchery. To make an appointment or speak with Ms. St. Lawrence  ...


About ZenFetish

Welcome to my little blog, where I talk about this & that for my own amusement and –hopefully– yours. As this is a work in progress, I might change things around now and again, but then again, I might not.

You may have seen my professional website, Literate Smut, from where I endeavor to provide my brand of phone sex, what I refer to as “fetish and kink with a dominant flair.” If you are wondering what exactly I mean by that, while you’re there, check out Smutville, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

If you’re thinking about calling but would like an apertif before the main course, check out  Blistered Lips, where I serve up my collection of FREE Erotic stories.

About Fantasy

I believe in our right to fantasize about anything we damn well please.  “Dirty” when you get right down to it is all a matter of perspective — one person’s vanilla just might be another’s idea of absolute depravity.  And visa versa.  But, as I’m sure you already suspect, I think a healthy dose of depravity, when you’re looking for a fantasy adventure, is simply scrumptious.

There are a heck of a lot of fantasies which can actually be realized.  In fact, many of my callers have experimented with BDSM, Cuckold and Polyamorous lifestyles.  That said, some fantasies should never, ever come true; and if you spoken live with me, you already know that I don’t hesitate to tell you so.  The actualization of some fantasies would just be downright dangerous to oneself and/or others.  Smart guys know this and keep it in the phone realm.

And not everybody was meant to live out their fantasies.  They want and/or need a regular, predictable and sexually “safe” life, but like to beat-off to the seriously dirty stuff.  I get that.  It makes sense and even can be advantageous when we are balancing a lot of non-sexual realities (career, family, etc.) with what privately gets us super hot.

Because You Asked

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